Monday, June 20, 2011

Teaching love and kindness.

For a long time, my Dad taught and coached at a high school level. Many of my childhood memories include going to games and practices, cheering on my dad and hanging out in his office. Even after he retired from teaching and started work as a contracter, I've thought of him as a teacher. He is a gifted leader. He knows how to connect with people in a way that makes them both respect and listen to him. He is humble. He loves people. And he's super passionate about things he loves (Texas history, sports, and the Gospel). He accepts people for who they are, but pushes them to be better versions of themselves.

He was more than just a school teacher, though.  He was a teacher in our home. He taught me to work hard, to develop meaningful friendships, to open my door to neighbors, to befriend the outsider, to give my best efforts, to sacrifice for family, and to put others before myself. He taught me these things by showing me them. He does manual labor without complaint. He loves to host gatherings in our home. As a youth leader at church, he made connections with the less popular kids and encouraged us to include them in activities. He helped church members move, visited them in their homes, and offered help in all the ways he could. He gave up his teaching career to take on a new job because he knew it would be better for our family.  In so many ways, I look to him for guidance and direction. His righteous example helps me both in my marriage and personal life.

Dad, thank you for providing for me, directing me, loving me, and teaching me. Your love and kindness are apparent in all you do. On Father's Day, and always, I'm lucky to be your daughter.


Cory Sue said...

I love that you update your blog so much!!

Summer said...

thanks :) i love that you comment so much!