Thursday, January 26, 2012

Come one, come all!

The circus! The circus! We went to the circus! The Jordan World Circus came into town and we splurged on one of the most entertaining dates ever. I had never been to a circus before and everything about it was just magical. From the flame-jugglers to the scary motorists in a steel cage ball, every act kept my heart racing. There were trapeze artists and tight-rope walkers and aerial silk performers. There were all kinds of crazy feats of agility and balance. There were flames and knives and hula hoops. There were high-flying dogs and big black bears and tigers. And elephants! Oh, I loved the elephants. 
There was a ringmaster and dancers and lots of sequins. There were lights and candy and music. And per JD's insistence, there were overpriced Dip-N-Dots, too. And a soft pretzel. And a Dr. Pepper.
The whole night was bloody brilliant. (Guess who's been watching a lot of Harry Potter lately...?) But seriously, it was fantastic. It was entertaining and exciting and worth every penny. I just loved it!


Sara said...

This looks like so much fun!

Amanda Leigh said...

This was a rather magical post. Your photos are fantastic--what a glorious date night!! By the way, I watched a Harry Potter movie the other night with the kids I nanny and thought of yall's Harry Potter marathon! I miss you too Summer!