Monday, January 9, 2012


I've read on blogs and books and other places I can't recall right now about the idea of choosing one word to focus on in a year. It's supposed to be like a personal mantra to help you re-direct your life when things get crazy and help keep you grounded when you need to find focus. I've heard word choices like simplify, joy, praise. . . those are pretty self-explanatory. I've also heard less ordinary ones like hokey pokey. . . which for the lady who chose it means letting go of perfection, learning to dance through life's storms, and laughing more. I like this idea of one little word to focus on and remember and I've been thinking for a few weeks about a word that would be suitable for my goals and needs in 2012.

My word this year is commit.

Commit to reading my scriptures daily. Commit to working out when I say I'm going to in my head. Commit to getting on my knees for prayer when my eyes are heavy and my body is weak. Commit to cooking at least one meal a week. Commit to recording more of my feelings in my journal. Less good thoughts, more committed actions. 

I'm trying to keep it simple. If I think to do something worthwhile or important, I want to commit to myself and my God that I'll just do it.

Bring it on 2012, I'm ready!


Radiant Red said...

Way to go! I believe in you

Sara said...

Sounds like a great resolution. Happy 2012 to you!