Monday, September 17, 2012

Family memories.

We are pretty lucky to live within a few hours of most of JD's family. We get to see them regularly and I'm glad that, if we have to live away from my family, we are at least close to his! His parents and littlest brother came over for most of the day yesterday and it was so nice to chat and laugh and eat with them. JD's mom and my sister-in-law, Mikella, hosted a sweet shower for me last week with his extended family; it was lovely to gather and celebrate our baby girl.  JD and Ty (and sometimes me and Mikella, too!) have been getting together recently to play tennis. . . and I guess what I've been thinking about lately is just how grateful I am to get to make all these precious memories with his family before we head out for PA school sometime in the next year. We are blessed!

Brotherly love at the three youngest boys' birthday dinner in August.
Tennis date last month.

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