Sunday, September 2, 2012

So long sweet summer.

Goodbye to spontaneous weeknight dates to the ballpark. . .

Hello to a new (second to last!) semester of college (undergraduate, that is. . .) for hubbylove.

JD started a new year of school at Utah Valley University (UVU) this week and, boy, has he got a busy few months ahead of him! He's taking the dreaded Organic Chemistry he's been putting off since he enrolled. . . not to mention a slew of other classes too. He's currently serving as the Pre-PA club president and he's in the middle of training for his new job as a CNA at a long-term rehab facility in Provo. On top of his CNA job, until the snow cramps his style, he's going to continue teaching tennis on the weekends (he loves that time to play and teach and make a little extra money!) We also just got called to teach Sunday School to the 14 year-olds at church, so we'll be thinking about and preparing for weekly lessons. He's planning on volunteering a lot and shadowing doctors and PAs to continue building his resume for grad school. Oh! And did I mention he's entering into a new endeavor called parenthood sometime in the next 6 weeks? 

. . .we'll sure miss you, lazy summer days!

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Derek & Penny said...

Summer you look beautiful! I am excited for you guys to have this little baby. There are no words to describe how wonderful it feels to have a new little one in the home. :) We miss you guys and please forgive me for not calling you. Life has been crazy (but a good crazy), we are just loving our new little guy and getting use to the fact of having two kiddos. :) Much love! And JD, you are awesome, good luck with your busy semester, no doubt you will do awesome!