Sunday, October 7, 2012

Baby Shower

The Skousens and a few of my friends planned a baby shower for me a few weeks ago. Cory made all of the adorable decorations; Abby and Julie sent out the invitations, prepared the food, and planned the games; Melissa hosted the get-together in her home; Jada, Stefanie and Abby brought extra treats (Am I forgetting anyone? Sorry if I left someone out!) A lot of neighbors and friends came to support and love me. I felt overwhelmed by their willingness to share and give. There were a lot of women there from my ward (or local church congregation) who barely know me, but know Melissa and Julie, and were willing to reach out to me in fellowship and love.  Their presence at my shower was a sweet example to me of how we can serve each other, even in small and simple ways. 

Abby and Julie Skousen
Mari and Jada, my closest friends from Spanish Fork
Cory, my roommate sophomore year at BYU
The whole gang.
I can't say thank you enough to all the people who have sent gifts and clothes and toys our way in preparation for the baby. We are grateful and excited! 

Also, Abby took a few pictures on her camera I still need to get from this shower. I was so glad to see and visit with my friend Holli from Texas and all my old roommates who are still in Utah. Love my girls!

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