Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Tenley Mabel

Tenley Mabel Knowlden
October 18, 2012 6:42pm
6 lbs, 19 inches long

Our sweet girl was born last Thursday. She's got a head full of her momma's blonde locks and a heart full of her daddy's gentle patience. She's been so good as we've tried to figure out this whole breastfeeding thing together. She hardly cries and would probably sleep for long stretches at night if I let her (we've had to eat every two hours together since she came home from the hospital. . . fun!) She's calm and content and still feels so close to heaven. There's been so many moments since we met where I've had to catch my breath because I'm so overwhelmed by the joy of knowing she's mine. She is perhaps the very best gift Heavenly Father has given me and I'm just so humbled and grateful He trusts me to be her momma.

Tenley Mae, we love you so!


Jennifer said...

She's just lovely, Summer. Congratulations, again. Can't wait to meet her.

Unknown said...

Look at those eyes!!! And that hair! Oh I just want to snuggle up with the little love bug.

Daniel and Kylie said...

she is SO cute!! i cant wait to meet her!!