Saturday, November 3, 2012

Her first two weeks.

I can hardly believe it's been two weeks (and two days) since Tenley's birth day. My Momma's been in town for the last ten days and flew out this afternoon. Gosh, now the real work begins! She was so good to us- cooking, cleaning, laundering, running errands, and making sure I got enough rest. We are going to miss our Gracy! (Grandma + Stacy= Gracy) Here's a recap of our baby's life so far:

We met our little angel and spent some time in the hospital recovering.
 We left the hospital and gave her a bath at home for the first time.
 We snuggled in the grass and celebrated Daddy's birthday.
 We took naps and had a sweet newborn photo shoot.
 We tried out the baby swing and cheered on the BYU cougars.
 We shared tender moments and played with Gracy.
 We wore cute outfits and celebrated Halloween.

We sure love this little girl!

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