Friday, November 30, 2012

Live nativity

Our family was lucky enough to participate in a live nativity this week. A family in our neighborhood puts on the nativity every year in memory of the woman's mother, who died of cancer. All profits go to cancer research and other charities. They re-create the ancient city with Roman soldiers, donkeys, llamas, bread makers, basket weavers, and lots of games and noise and commotion. Then, guests travel down a path to a separate stable where Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus are sitting quietly. JD and I played Mary and Joseph and our sweet girl got to be the part of our Savior. We sat in the stable for an hour and a half and pretended like we were the parents of Jesus Christ. Humbling, to say the least. Tenley wasn't perfect the whole time. There were crowds who saw her crying and being soothed by a bright green pacifier. . . but there were other times when she stared up at the people in wide-eyed wonder and the Spirit was so strong. I loved the reactions of young children- "Look, Baby Jesus!" "It's a real baby." "Jesus was such a cute baby." "I love Jesus." 

Knowing we were going to be in the nativity, I've been thinking all week about Mary and Jesus and the real reasons I celebrate Christmas. It's been good to have those thoughts in the back of my mind as we've pulled out all the red and green decor, set up our tree, and hung up our lights. This season, as always, I hope my choices reflect my belief in and love for the Savior. 


Holly said...

I love that you got to do this! How special!

Amanda Leigh said...

Oh wow this is the cutest thing I think I have ever seen Summer!!