Sunday, December 2, 2012

Last December.

I journaled this last December:

Dear little one,

Hopefully this is our last Christmas without you. We think about you often. Daddy tells me all the time how much he wants you here with us. I think he knows I want you too. . . I'm just so fearful. Motherhood seems so big and scary sometimes. But God keeps whispering to me that I'm ready. I do the dishes and imagine you playing at my feet. I go to the grocery store and think of meals you may like one day. I make stuff and plan in my head how I'll do kid-friendly crafts someday. When Dad and I are out and about or doing our thing at home, I think of ways we'll make it work when you get here. Before I make purchases, I think, "Should I save this money for our baby?" We don't have a lot, but we are blessed beyond measure with the love of our little family and the sweet peace the Gospel brings. When you get here, I think our hearts may burst with joy! We are praying for and thinking of and loving you. Send us love from Heaven! 

Merry Christmas, 

Feeling so grateful tonight to have our angel baby here with us this Christmas season.


Allison said...

that is so sweet summer. you are the cutest mom! tenley is lucky to have you :)

Kylie said...

She is so dang cute!!