Saturday, December 22, 2012

Two months.

Here's a look at Tenley when she was one month old and then again at two months:
At one month, she was just curious about the world around her. But, at two months, she's started to really make eye contact and smile!  She coos and talks and giggles. Her legs are strong and she likes to push up on our laps. She drools like crazy and sucks on her hands. She's content to just lay in her crib for a few minutes when she's wide awake. She loves being held and walked. She'll get fussy if you've been sitting still for too long and she wants you to stand up with her. She really enjoys her swing. She only really cries if she's hungry, lonely, or annoyed by us trying to suck the boogies out of her nose. Pretty much, she's just about the most darling girl we know!
Oh, Tenley, you're as cute as a baby could be and we love you so!

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Jennifer said...

I absolutely LOVE her 1 month super hero pose! she needs a cape!