Monday, February 18, 2013

Eeee! Four months.

Eeee! (This is my excited squeal). My girl is four months old. Yowza! Where does four months go? I feel like I'm just getting back into the swing of things after Christmas. . . and yet Valentine's Day has already come and gone! A lot has been happening in our house. Between this Momma starting work again, our family taking a trip to Texas, and a mini flood in our basement home, we've had our hands full over the last little bit. JD is gearing up for PA school applications and I'm trying to find the new balance between home, work, and church responsibilities with a little one. Even though there's always something else going on, JD and I are making conscious efforts to savor the sweet days with our Tenley girl. We often set our other duties aside to just lay on the floor and stare at her. We read her books, and rattle her toys, and lotion her body and think to ourselves. . . "How on earth did we get so lucky?!" 

This week I had a super spiritual moment as I listened closely to the words of a beloved song, "I am a child of God." As Tenley's parent, I want the very best for her. I want to provide for her and care for her and I want her always always to know how deeply she is loved. If I, as an imperfect, mortal being, can love someone so deeply and fiercely, then how much more must a perfect, powerful, eternal God love his children? This perspective into my Father's love for me was moving and touching. . . and definitely turned my heart to thankful prayer. What a wonderful blessing to be a child of God! What a gift to know of his love for me and for my earthly child! What a powerful message for all men! We are loved in the most perfect way by the most perfect being. I am so grateful for this faith-building experience.

And now! On to the stats:

At four months, Tenley is 23.5" long (25th percentile) and weighs 11 lbs 7 oz (10th percentile). Her head circumference is in the 30th percentile. Tenley can roll over from back to tummy and vice versa. She often brings her hands up to her mouth to suck on them. She makes good eye contact and sometimes bursts into gummy grins. On occasion, she'll laugh out loud and she frequently squeals and squeaks. She has super strong legs and a reputation in our home of bouncing up and down when the music turns on. She grabs her toes, and my fingers, and my hair, and basically anything she can get a good grip on. She's developing such a cute little personality and we just love her.

One month update here. Two month update here. Three month update not available d/t mommy malfunction ;)

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Amanda Leigh said...

Summer Marie she's so beautiful!! And I looove your sweet onesies!