Monday, February 25, 2013

Thursday night family night.

Last Thursday night, on a whim, JD and I decided to go bowling. His favorite place to go is Bonwood Bowl, the old-school alley he grew up bowling at. He swears he bowls better there and, even though I tease him for his irrationality, there might be some truth to his way of thinking- I bowled a 124, the best game I can remember! To continue with the spontaneity of the evening, we called his parents and little brother and invited them to come. Luckily, they didn't have anything going on and met up with us at the alley. We had such an enjoyable evening at the lanes with his family. Can't beat their weeknight deal of three games + shoe rental for seven bucks! We thought it might be hard with the munchkin. . . but she loved all the noise, motion, and attention. It was a good night.

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Sara said...

Maybe I need to start bowling where yall go. I don't think I've ever bowled higher than an 80 in my life. Looks like a fun night!