Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Zion National Park

A few weekends ago JD, Tenley, and I roadtripped down to Saint George, Utah for a little vacay. It was totally last minute and spontaneous, but definitely a much needed break. While we were in the area, we spent a few days hiking in Zion National Park. Talk about some gorgeous views! It's hard to really capture in words or pictures the awe-inspiring, breathtaking majesty of those mountains. Tenley loved being outside and looking around at all there was to see. We loved being with her to experience her first taste of the mountains (With JD as her Pops, I'm sure there will be many more mountain memories in her future!) On the first day, we hiked up the Lower Emerald Pool Trail and our reward at the end was a pretty little waterfall. So lovely! But aside from the natural landscapes we enjoyed, we also got to look at this cute baby in her precious hiking hat. . . which, admittedly, may have been my favorite part ;)

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