Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Curious, playful, active.

Last week, Tenley and I had a short day date for her five month photoshoot. I got the camera out with good intentions of getting perfect photos. The Little Miss had different ideas. Between giggling, trying to figure out what a camera is, playing with her toes, moving around the blanket, rolling over (and over and over!), excessively slobbering, grabbing at her bright shamrock month marker, and looking all around the room, she didn't seem to have time for posing. At first, I was disappointed with the way the pictures turned out. And then I remembered. . . the whole reason I'm taking these photos is to record her growth and development! This little series of pictures captures her personality so well right now- she's  just a curious, playful, and active baby. And, boy, do we love her!

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