Tuesday, July 2, 2013

My Vote for Babies.

There are a lot of new parents in the recreation therapy department where I work. One co-worker had a baby about a month before me; another had her son the day after me; my male co-worker announced his wife was pregnant shortly after we did; I just finished covering for my boss while she was on maternity leave; and the PRN we just hired has a 14-month-old. Whew! Babies! Other people often joke "there must be something in our water." Needless to say, we spend a lot of time offering advice, sharing tips, and exchanging stories. It's definitely been nice to have this little support group as I've transitioned into motherhood. 

Today, the guy in my office showed me a picture his wife had sent him shortly after he arrived at work. It was a shot of her shoulder covered in their son's spit-up. Glamorous. . . ha. Our single co-worker saw the picture and, a little grossed out, stated that she didn't know if she could handle kids. And she's right- there are definitely some turn-offs to these little ones. Spit-up in your hair. Stinky diapers leaking at the grocery store (that happened today). Annoying whining. Food all over the kitchen. Nights of broken sleep. Etc, etc.

BUT my vote is still for babies. For all the less-than-appealing moments, there are so many take-your-breath-away-stand-still-in-your-tracks-you're-so-happy times to make up for it. I can't tell you how awesome it is to watch my little girl learn new things, to hear her laugh, to soak in her sweet baby smell. I vote for babies. Again and again. I vote for babies.

One really great reason to have a baby is for free entertainment ;) ha, Tenley recently kept us totally mesmerized at a friend's wedding reception where we hardly knew any of the other guests. 

She's the greatest girl, I swear. We could spend all day every day just watching her. 

^^Are you dying over her face on the right?!^^

Congrats Steve & Megan on your wedding day! So glad the three of us could be there to celebrate with you guys.

Yay marriage! Yay babies!

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