Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Taylorsville Dayzz

JD and I have been playing a "game" recently where we've tried to tell the other person every thing we know about them (we mostly do this when we are riding in the car and are bored of the radio. . .) Obviously, we know each other pretty well, but it's kind of fun and surprising to hear what the other person comes up with. Some things are basics: you wear this size shoe, this size shirt, this size hat.  You like this food, but hate that one. Other things are more deep: this was a spiritual experience you had as a teenager, this was something you wish you could do again, this was a time you were hurt by a friend. 

I like telling JD what I know about him and listening to him add on about the different stories of his life.   One iconic event of his youth that I had yet to experience was the magic of Taylorsville Dayzz (if you're wondering about the "zz" at the end of days, as I was. . . they apparently did that to match up with the Utah Ja"zz"). JD grew up in Taylorsville, where they put on a killer firework show every year. Last weekend, JD planned a BBQ with some of his high school friends and we met up to go to the big show. 

We laid out a quilt on the lawn (along with the other bazillion people there!) and listened to ABBA while the sun set. It's been blistering hot in Utah the last several days, but it was surprisingly enjoyable in the evening.
JD's family met us on the lawn and Grandma Steph brought glow sticks! Tenley thought they were the coolest thing ever and played with them for quite a while, turning them over in her hands and dropping them in her lap. It was too cute. Also, much to our delight, Tenley loved the fireworks. She sat in JD's lap and just stared in total awe and wonder up at the sky. I missed a lot of the fireworks because I just wanted to watch her. Ha, but it really was an impressive show! Go Taylorsville.
After fireworks, we walked back to a friend's house and stayed up to the wee hours of the morning (we're talking 2am, people!) roasting s'mores and catching up.  We felt hip and cool again ;) Can't remember the last time we chose to stay up that late.

 JD, thanks for sharing Taylorsville Dayzz with me. Now I feel like I know you even better! :)

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