Saturday, August 3, 2013

Ashley's Wedding.

It's been a while since I blogged last. Our little family traveled to Texas (we were gone 10 days) and I've been so busy I have yet to unpack. . . even though we've been home five days. Eek! I love traveling, but sometimes I need a vacation from my vacation, if you know what I mean. We had a wonderful, sunny, family-filled time and I can't wait to share cute pictures of our Tenley bug at the beach. BUT, first things first. . . my dear friend Ashley's wedding.

When I was a freshman in high school, I met Ashley in pep squad. We formed a quick friendship and, by sophomore year, we were practically inseparable. We lived in back-to-back neighborhoods and could easily walk to and from our houses. Ash and I spent a lot of hours together talking, eating, cheering, studying, laughing, tumbling, and being silly. Together, we endured the devastation of not making the cheer squad and trying out for drill team. We danced, partied, and laughed some more. So many of my high school memories include this darling friend. 

Several months ago, she contacted me and asked if I'd be willing to address her wedding invitations. I was so pleased and excited! As I carefully wrote out all the names and addresses of her loved ones, I felt such a strong pull to be in Texas for her wedding. I looked around for flights and just didn't think it was going to happen. Then, badda bing badda boom, I found reasonably-priced Delta direct flights one night and we booked them before I could change my mind. It was such a joy to share in her happiness and I'm so thankful I could be there to celebrate with her. 

Lindsey did my hair and make-up and I can't remember the last time I felt so glamorous. Thanks, sister, for making me feel pretty. Thanks, husband, for being my handsome wedding date. Thanks, friend, for putting on such a lovely event. 

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