Sunday, September 29, 2013


I've been thinking lately about values and how I can better orient the youth I work with to what their values are. I've read through some online lesson outlines and group protocols centered on teaching children and adults about values. This compilation includes several interventions for clarifying personal beliefs and values- I went through them and completed some of the exercises in regards to my own life. One of the activities directs participants to list three of the "most nourishing people in their lives." Nourishing. . . that word has stuck out to me so much in my mind over the past week. I looked up the meaningWho sustains me? Who strengthens me, builds me up, and promotes me? Who gives me life, health, and growth?

Easily, the first person I thought of was my husband. He compliments me often, pushes me to develop my talents, and is my biggest supporter. He wants to see me succeed (especially in my business) and does a lot of behind the scenes work to help me (painting base coats of canvases, preparing packages, dropping orders off at the post office, caring for Tenley while I work, etc., etc.) I feel so, so blessed to have him  as my life partner. In so many ways, he nourishes me.

I asked JD a few days ago who he'd consider to be the most nourishing people in his life. Luckily, I made the list. . . but one of the other people he mentioned was his Dad. He talked about how he usually feels loved and supported by his Dad when they're together. One of the meanings of nourish is to cherish or to foster. It didn't surprise me for JD to choose Larry as a nourishing person in his life. He has a bubbly, outgoing, loving personality and seems to really cherish JD. 
Additionally, my in-laws are admirable in their desire to nourish and serve children as foster parents. They've gone through cycles of having foster kids in their home and then just focusing on their own children, but right now they have FIVE foster children living with them. That is patience! That is love! That is commitment! Gosh, I just don't have that kind of natural compassion in me. I want to. I'm working on being slow to judge and quick to love. It's a bit of a work in progress.
Needless to say, I think JD may have learned a few things about being a good nourisher from his parents. I think there is special strength and learning that comes uniquely from family.

We've been fortunate to spend a lot of time with JD's side of the family this month. . . here's some pictures to prove it:
When we're invited to go somewhere or do something, I often think, "Is it worth the time and gas money to get there?" Usually, if it's a family thing, it's worth it. We won't always be this close. We won't always have these opportunities. We're trying to soak it all in and be nourished as much as we possibly can ;)

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