Thursday, September 12, 2013

Week in the Life: Monday

This week I am joining with other scrapbookers in Ali Edwards' "Week in the Life" project. I love the idea of really trying to capture what my days are made of: routines, habits, meals, projects, moments. All the little things I don't normally remember to document and record. Here's a look at our Monday, September 9, 2013.

 A baby girl who insists on being as close to me as possible.

Hair & make-up.

Dishes. Kitchen clean-up. Meal prep.

A girl who can't resist when I say, "No." Also, cracker crumbs. All. day. long.

Half-painted toes.

Photos for etsy shop. Again with the close baby (no complaints). 

Tenley giggles and a giveaway on my Facebook page.
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The place for play.

A cute distraction.

The daily barricade for the "off-limits area" AKA "kitchen."

An interesting lunch concoction.

Dancing to Family Folk Songs Radio on Pandora. 
Also, looking a tad ridiculous/obvious with the camera clicker.

Playing around the laundry I folded, but never put away.

Hobby Lobby run just for kicks. Paint aisle love. . . and what the CHRISTMAS?!

Grocery shopping and the only "toy" Tenley would accept (my keys!)
 A sweet neighbor who runs up to see Tenley every time we pull into the driveaway.
Her: "Oh, she's so cute!" Me: "Thank you." Her: "She looks so much bigger than yesterday." Me: "I know!" 
Her: "Can I hold her?" Me: "Not today." Her: "Where's your dad?" Me:" My husband's at work today."
Sloppy Joes for dinner. Waiting for Dad to come home.

Hard-working CNA.

Cutest videos ever.

Silly faces and a new pair of scrubs for Dad.

Dad's goofy idea for Tenley to test the scrubs, too. 

Two tired cuddle-bugs.

It has been both gratifying and enlightening to look closely at how I spend my days. I'm writing things down hourly: observations, activities, conversations, and thoughts.

Here's some things I've found out about myself:
  • I should probably get/stay dressed more often. If it weren't for all this picture-taking, I'd be pants-less most of the time. Oops?
  • I consume most of my vegetables via green smoothies. If I don't make a smoothie in the morning, I mostly don't eat vegetables all day long.
  • Tenley wants to be close to me. . . but honestly? I really want to be close to her, too.
  • I am much more accountable with my time if I know I am keeping a written record of what I do all day.
  • I make lots of good choices, but I can do better (spiritually speaking).
  • Home life is more fun when JD's around ;)


Unknown said...

this makes me happy :)

iHanna said...

Oh what a cute baby girl you've got!