Monday, January 13, 2014

The love of God

I've been thinking a lot lately about how I live my life and the way my choices affect me and those around me. I attended an incredible women's conference over the weekend- the theme was "You are not the only traveler." The speakers focused a lot on finding and knowing our personal ministries. They talked about how God uses us to influence members of our families and those in our social circles for good, how we need to be ready and prepared to serve as instruments in His hands, how He needs us to radiate His love to the lost ones in our midsts. I was moved by the Spirit and found peace about and guidance for many of the troubles and concerns that have been weighing on my heart lately.  A key point that stuck out in my mind, that I scribbled in my planner, that I've been mulling over for the past few days was this. . . No one can progress spiritually until they know this fundamental truth: God exists and knows them personally

It's impossible to expand learning and understanding on any other Christian principle or doctrine until a person has a deep, unwavering assurance that God is real. I think, too often, I want to share so many other aspects of my personal testimony with people around me and I forget to start with the core foundation. Now, I have a renewed focus. 

I want to act and speak and treat others in a way that allows the love of God to move through me. I want to be a witness of the reality of His existence. I want my family members and friends to feel closer to Him because of me.

A few days before the conference, I scrapped this page. 

Raising a girl is intimidating to me sometimes. I want her to be confident in herself and have a true understanding of her worth as a daughter of God. I hope that my everyday parenting helps her feel both my love and the love of her Heavenly Father. I'm glad He trusts me to be her mom!

Almost a month ago, I began this post with only the title, "the love of God," and then saved it as a draft before I could get any of my words out the way I wanted to. After attending the conference, I had clarity of mind and started thinking more about what I wanted to share in this blog post. Obviously, the topic of the love of God has been in my thoughts repeatedly over the last little while. I'm not sure why the matter has been so pressing on my mind, but I'd like to share a snippet of what I know.

I know we have a real and loving Father in Heaven who knows us, hears our prayers, and wants to be involved in our lives. I know He is aware of us and our families; I know He wants us to be happy; I know He misses us and anxiously awaits our return. But more than anything, I know He loves us dearly.

I feel His love on a daily basis and hope I can be a channel for others to feel it too. 

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Kellen Michelle said...

Summer, thank you for your post. You are truly an inspired gift and daughter of God. I look to you as an example of the way to be, and I love you for that and for being my longtime friend. May you and your family always have happiness and joy!