Thursday, May 29, 2014

Waterpark Wednesday

We took our first trip to Seven Peaks yesterday! It was only open for a few hours in the afternoon because it's not quite summer yet for the school-aged children. It was also a little overcast so that probably contributed to the smaller crowd as well. We hung out in the lazy river, jumped a few waves in the wave pool and even took Tenley in our laps down some of the bigger slides. It was wonderful to walk right up and get on! We thought Ten would be excited and playful, but she had a flat affect pretty much the whole time. She wasn't scared or unhappy; she was just calm and quiet. I wanted to get a few pictures before we went into the park, but Tenley wasn't in the mood. 
Haha, the picture on the left is such a "Tenley face." Whenever she doesn't want to do something or is reluctant to listen, she turns her head away in an almost bashful manner. It is too funny. I don't know where she learned this, but it is a predictable mannerism during teeth brushing, diaper changing, and car-seat buckling. 

We wore her out! She fell asleep in my arms as we walked back to the car. I loved cuddling her shivering little body until she was warm and cozy. . . I can never get enough baby snuggles.

And in case you missed them: here's a post about our first Seven Peaks trip from 2013, a post about when we went with my family, and a post about the time we borrowed our neighbors' baby because we just couldn't wait to bring a kiddo to the park with us! 

Still hard to believe we have our own little nugget to bring on our adventures. I know it's been 19 months, but I still have to pinch myself sometimes to remind me that this motherhood dream I'm living is real. 

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