Monday, December 1, 2014

Tidbits from Tenley

Tenley's vocabulary seems to be expanding daily. We are so entertained, inspired, and surprised by the things she says. Wanted to record a few things to remember.

She has such good manners. She knows when to say "please" and when to say "thank you." But, now she also says "ca-come" for "welcome" as in "you're ca-come." Really precious.

If she hears someone sneeze or cough, she asks, "Okay?" with such a concerned tone in her voice. 

The other night I was laying down next to her on the floor while she was in her crib, talking to her as she fell asleep. We were reviewing the names of all the people she loves and who love her.
   Summer: Guess who else loves you. Heavenly Father and Jesus love you.
   Tenley: Yes.
   S: How do you know they love you?
   T: (pauses to think) My body.
   S: Wow, that's right, honey. Do you remember anything about Heaven?
   T: Yes.
   S: (surprised) Oh, what is Heaven like?
   T: Umm. . . puppies and grandmas.
   S: (trying to suppress laughter) Cool. Okay, I love you. Let's close our eyes now to go to sleep.

We were snuggling early in the morning in our bed. I was asking for different types of kisses. A kiss on the lips. Butterfly kisses. Eskimo kisses. Then, she looked from JD to me and started moving her tongue in and out, making a "lul-lul-lul" noise. Bah! We must've French kissed one too many times in front of her. We belly-laughed for several minutes over that experience.

After we set up and decorated the Christmas tree, she stood back and assessed it. She said, "Okay, I loooove it."

One night last week at dinner, we sat down to pray. I asked Tenley to get ready for the prayer. Before I even had a chance to begin, she reached for our hands and started speaking. On her own, she prayed: "Dear Heavendy Fader, Thank you for food. In da name of Jesus, Amen." I almost died. 

This week was the first time she said "I love you" first. She even told JD one day, "I love you so much." 

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