Saturday, January 3, 2015

Christmas Sunday

I was so excited for Christmas Sunday because I planned for Tenley to wear the same red velvet dress I wore as a little girl. My mom gave it to me shortly after she was born and it has waited in her closet for the perfect occasion. Tenley was so darling in the dress! As I was getting her ready, I couldn't help but feel nostalgic and emotional. I felt connected to my mom, and to her mom, and to all the moms that came before her, and to motherhood in general. What a fantastic journey, adventure, endeavor to engage in- motherhood. I am grateful.

Tenley's nursery leader sent me a text tonight asking if I could share something special about her and bring a picture of her to church tomorrow. 

Here's what I sent her:
"Tenley loves to comfort and give love to people who are sad or hurt. She loves coloring, She is the first grandchild on both sides of the family so she is super loved by our extended families. She knows her ABCs and can count to 10. She is patient, energetic, and very helpful."
And we're sending her to class with the picture below. I printed it off tonight and Tenley carried it around for a little bit. She declared, "I love this, Mom" (haha, that's what she said about every Christmas gift she opened, as well).
Ps. Full disclosure: When I tried to host this mini-shoot, Tenley did not want any part of it. I got several most shots of her running away from the camera, putting her hand up towards me, or twisting her head in the opposite direction of where I wanted her to look. Life with this toddler is a perpetual blur!


SRob said...

No word for how much I love both of you!

SRob said...

Complete Joy is what I feel thinking about both of you!!!