Monday, April 20, 2015

Talks with Ten

Tenley is so expressive with her words lately and we are constantly surprised and entertained by the thoughts she shares. Here's a few snippets of our talks with Ten.

(Snuggling in my bed shortly after I returned from work one day last week).
T: Mmm... it smells like you.
Me: Oh, really? What do I smell like?
T: Um, I think kind of like a girl.

My aunt Elena and cousin Emma sent Tenley and baby boy a package this week. They sent a pretty pink and blue dress for Tenley; she was so excited to wear the dress to church on Sunday.
(Sunday morning, looking in her closet)
Me: What do you want to wear today?
T: I will wear this pretty princess dress.
Me: Okay, great.
T:  Because I'm the princess, Mom.

T: I'm a girl and Mom's a girl.
Me: Yep.
T: And Dad's a boy.
Me: You're right.
T: And the baby's still a boy.
Me: Yes, the baby's still a boy.
T: The baby is a boy. . . and he's my brother.

Tenley and I are in the tub and I am trying to wash her hair.
(Attempting to pour a cup of water on her head).
T: Stop it.
Me: We need to get the shampoo out of your hair.
T: (Pointing to the other end of the tub) Relax.
Me: You want me to relax?
T: Yes, lay down please.
Haha! Sometimes, I take baths because I want to unwind and she's not invited in the tub with me. When she asks to get in, I usually tell her I'm "relaxing." It was funny to me that she remembered the concept.

(I'm getting dressed for work and Tenley and JD are still in our bed).
T: Don't go to work today.
Me: Sorry, baby, I have to work today.
T: How about you stay home?
Me: And do what?
T: Stay home and play with me (pausing, realizing this is not enticing enough)... and cuddle.

(JD and Tenley telling me about their day together).
JD: She watched Tangled in the morning while I picked up a little bit. Then, we went to get the oil changed and ran some errands. We just played at the house for a little bit and then- don't judge meI turned on Tangled again while I cooked dinner.
Me: (Looking at Ten) Two movies today, huh?
T: Yeah, I watched Tangled two times today. WHAT UP.
JD uses that expression regularly, but it was the first time she used it in context properly. So silly.

Other cute Tenley-isms-

When she spills something, runs into me, or makes other minor mistakes: "sorry 'bout that."
When I ask her to do me a favor: "oh, for sure."
Whenever she hears a song she recognizes or likes: "let's dance."
As she watches me get ready: "you're perfect" or "you're so beautiful."

And once this week, in the middle of the day, before I even said "I love you" first: 
"I love you most, Momma."

Pictures taken last week in our backyard. Tenley's t-shirt (and others like it!) coming SO soon to The Sunshine Space shop!

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