Saturday, July 31, 2010

New news.

Here are a few pictures of my 21st birthday celebration- we didn't get any big group shots, which I'm bummed about. JD surprised me by inviting a bunch of people from the office over for a surprise party. We went to lunch at Matt's and everyone gathered at our apartment for the party. When we walked back into our apartment, a lot of our friends in the office were there to celebrate with me Hawaiian style. We limbo-ed, ate cake, and played games. JD's cute for planning it all and I really would've been 100% surprised if he hadn't been acting funny all morning. I love him.

New news: I've been spending a lot of time with Brittany out here and thus, a lot of time with her dog, Thea, too. When we first got here. . .she seemed so huge and freaked me out a lot. Now, I like her and she's pretty precious. The new news is. . .I think I might actually like dogs and want one of my own. (All other animals, though, are still not for me.)


Cory Sue said...

I have that tank you are wearing. With navy stripes and some ruffles around the neck!! You are so cute! Congrats on being 21!

I love you, can't wait for you to be back!

Allison said...

super cute outfit Summer! you always have the best clothes.
i'm glad you had a fun birthday! let's hang out for real when we get back to provo

Daniel and Kylie said...

sick!!! dont go over to the dog side!! oh and happy late birthday. hope you got the card. love you.

ashley said...

Yay! Happy Birthday Summer!