Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I never knew I liked cherries before I tried them this summer. My toes are usually painted some shade of pink. I paid $10.75 to see a movie this weekend. I want Cafe Rio. It freaks me out my brother is going to college. I'm having a hard time imagining my future. Half my heart's in Texas. Half's in Utah. I like country music. Sometimes when I play basketball with my husband, I surprise him with 3-pointers out of nowhere. I like when that happens. I'm not as good at Scrabble as I thought I was. I want a sewing machine. I like watermelon. I'd like to try a new recipe sometime soon. I feel tired. I might want to do graduate school. Psychology is interesting. If I was Ali on The Bachelorette, I'm not sure what I would do or who I would choose. I would like to go to California. I miss my extended family. My thoughts are scattered. JD's parents will be here tomorrow.


Cory Sue said...

speaking of cherries...they have this website you can go to and find orchards near where you live that will let you pick your own fruit. Cherries, raspberries, peaches...all kinds of stuff! it's called pickyourown.org! you should check out if they have any farms in Maryland! My aunt did it and her kids loved it. You have to pay for what you pick but depending on the place it can be super cheap!

Daniel and Kylie said...

i would like you to go to california too!

Jennifer said...

summer, darling, you might need ritalin.
(come visit us in cali whilst we're still here!)