Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Red boots.

I love the 4th. It's one of my favorite holidays! Our day was very relaxed. We debated long and hard about going downtown to DC, but finally decided against it because of the unbearable heat and the crowds. Instead, we just churched it up, napped, and relaxed at home.

Later in the evening we headed over to Tyler and Kristy's for hamburgers,

drove to Gaithersburg to relax on the lawn,

wait for fireworks,

listen to the live band,

throw a football around and enjoy the evening.

It was such a good day!

The fireworks were phenomenal. I love the white ones that boom and sparkle and then burst at the end when you think they're about to die.
ps. Any day I wear my red boots is a good day!
pps. Take note of JD's buzzed head in the first picture. I think he looks cute :)


Cory Sue said...

I LOVE when you wear those red boots, or heck...I love when you wear any boots! Cute pics, and tell J.D. he is rockin that buzz cut!

Stefanie said...

you two are so dang cute!!! I love that first picture. You look smokin gorgeous!!! and Cory is right, JD is rockin that haircut :)

You guys are awesome! I can't wait til your back in Utah and I can see your lovely smile in person!