Monday, August 23, 2010

First day.

Dear littlest siblings,
Today was your first day of school. I was thinking of you. I hope the year's not too hard and you make plenty of friends who make your life richer and more full. I hope you are kind to your classmates and you look for opportunities to share the Gospel. I hope you work hard and you try your best. I hope you fill your minds with fascinating things that make you really exercise your thinking powers. I hope you don't think of school as boring. I hope you want to learn and read and explore. I hope you don't give up when things are hard. I hope you push yourself. I hope you always do your very best work. I hope you stand out in your classrooms. I hope you lift others up. I hope you nourish friendships. I hope your learning continues when you leave class and that you actively explore the world. I hope you cultivate curiosity wherever you go. I hope can look back on these years and remember them with fondness. You are my favorite 4th, 7th, and 10th graders around :) Love you.

Picture taken on my family's weekend vacation to Wimberly, Texas this summer.

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