Saturday, August 14, 2010


You put away the dishes and like the kitchen really neat.
You always fold the blanket when you get up from your seat.
You like to cook dinner and make food that tastes so good.
You can't cook every night, but probably would if you could.
You think to surprise me with things like picnics in the park.
You come to bed at the same time I do so we can cuddle in the dark.
You read scriptures to me before we close our eyes to rest.
You pray with me and keep me wanting to be my very best.
You listen well, but you also like to talk a lot too.
You are fun to be around even when there's not too much to do.
You like to play games and are competitive like me
(But not too much.. or there's no telling where we'd be!)
You watch sports and like to go out to see events.
You love to light the candles that fill our home with lovely scents.
You enjoy having people over and are an excellent host.
You're a pretty humble guy and never like to boast.
You know Spanish and can speak it like a pro.
It comes in handy in a lot of places that we go.
You like to travel and explore new places we haven't been.
You calm me down when my patience runs thin.
You serve others willingly just to make them smile.
You start the laundry when I'm too lazy to move the pile.
You notice when I do something different with my hair.
You call people out of the blue to tell them you care.
You go on dates with your Grandma and won't let her pay.
You try to think positively even if you've had a bad day.
You are willing to work hard to provide what we need.
You are very reasonable and aren't driven by greed.
You remind me to take pictures and bring the camera along.
You know most of the words to Taylor Swift's songs.
You make friends almost everywhere you go.
You tell me scripture stories I don't already know.
You look at the things I make and compliment my style.
You lift me up when I get down every once in a while.
You give me big hugs and sweep me off my feet.
You iron my clothes, even the skirts with pleats.
You never use bad words and you discourage me from gossip.
You share your food with me and then leave a good tip.
You are an Eagle Scout and a hard worker, too.
You'd never ask anyone to do something you wouldn't do.
You love your family and are patient and kind.
You send me little texts to say I'm on your mind.
Every day I discover more reasons you're so good for me...
I love you, little lovebug. Happy anniversary!

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Cory Sue said...

oh happy! can't wait to see you too!