Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New York, in pictures.

JD and I took a four hour bus ride to New York City this weekend. As we approached the city, both of us were just speechless. It was such a rush to see so many buildings, lights, motion, and excitement. It was literally breathtaking. I was just so excited to be in NEW YORK CITY with my favorite traveling companion, my very best friend. It's one of those feelings I am struggling to find the words for. Traveling is so incredible. Here's a re-cap of our adventure:
Bravo Pizza. Yum. Statue of Liberty lego building at Toys R Us in Times Square. So cool!
(They also had impressive Empire State and Chrysler buildings.)
A (very skinny) cookie monster.
NYC from way up high.
Top of the Rock observation deck at the Rockefeller Center.
69 stories high.
Central Park.
Cutest hotel room ever!
Seriously? Fun orange lamp, green bench and desk chair, red fridge, orange walls! So fun :)
Dos Caminos restaurant. Yummiest pork tacos! We'd definitely recommend it.
Times Square night life.
Clearly, I was obsessed with this little place JD chose to stay!
He did so good.
Ferry to Staten Island.
Statue of Liberty.
Grand Central Terminal.
So many people. So many lights. So much culture.
We loved it.

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