Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Opposites attract?

I've always thought it's strange when people use the phrase, "opposites attract." In some cases, I guess this could be the case... like if you're introverted and you want to be with someone who's a little more outgoing, or if you have no musical ability and you want to be with someone who can play the guitar, or something like that... but I'd say, more often, people want to be with people who are like them. And my psychology book backs me up. Here's what I'm studying right now:

"Why are people attracted to others who have similar attitudes, values, and lifestyles? Consensual validation is one reason. Our own attitudes and values are supported when someone else's attitudes and values are similar to ours- their attitudes and values validate ours."

"The force of similarity also operates at a physical level. We usually seek out someone at our own level of attractiveness in physical characteristics as well as social attributes we addressed previously. Research validates matching hypothesis, which states that, although we may prefer a more attractive person in the abstract, in the real world we end up choosing someone who is close to our own level of attractiveness."

Interesting stuff, huh!

Of course, I don't think you have to be exactly the same to make a marriage work. It's alright if you have different hobbies, or if you come from different states, or if you like different foods. But I think it's pretty important for you to be on the same page in terms of family ideals, ideas about how to manage and spend money, spiritual beliefs, and certain priorities.

He loves that snow and I'm loving the uncharacteristically warm Utah weather right now. . . we still get along. :)


Cory Sue said...

cute pic!

Emily Leue said...

so...what you're saying is since you're so dang attractive, jd must be sorta good-looking too? :)

Summer said...

haha, yes emily, that's exactly what I was getting at!