Saturday, February 5, 2011

"A Real Jimmer Dandy."

A few months ago, JD and I both ordered magazines to support my brother Isaac through a fundraiser at his elementary school. I chose Better Homes and Gardens and JD chose Sports Illustrated. He got lucky because SI comes weekly! Even though I really love flipping through the ideas about organization, budgeting, and color combinations in my mag, there's usually something in his that catches my eye, too. Like last week when Jimmer Fredette (the top scorer in college basketball who just happens to play for BYU) made the front cover.

A little blurb from the article:
"His name is as versatile as his game. It's a noun: An Arizona fan praised the Wildcats' defense for not letting a big-time scorer "pull a Jimmer." It's a verb: YOU GOT JIMMERED! read a sign waved in the BYU student section. It's an adjective: "He was making some Jimmer Fredette threes!" gushed Syracuse's Scoop Jardine about the six bombs Cincinnati's Dion Dixon hit from beyond the arc. Jimmer has several definitions in the Urban Dictionary, including this: One who is in range as soon as he steps off the bus."

I could go on and on about how fun he is to watch and how wild and awesome his shots are. It's crazy he averages about 26.7 points per game and shoots 90% from the free throw line. He's great. That's all.

It's tight that he's leading the BYU team to victories, landing us in a sweet position in the rankings. However, the more important thing he's doing right now is serving as inspiration for my intramural basketball team (kidding...) But, really, we won our game today! Whoot!

It's been a basketball day for our family.
JD's brother, Ty, spent the night last night
so the boys could play a pick-up game at the church this morning.
I went for support.
The boys came to my intramural game to help cheer us to victory.
Then, we watched the Cougs defeat the competition from UNLV.
It's been "A Real Jimmer Dandy" day.
Ps. That was the name of the SI article. I can't claim I came up with the phrase, dang it.

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