Thursday, February 17, 2011

Valentine adventure.

JD wanted to go on a really exciting adventure for Valentine's Day. His original plan was to spend the weekend in a cottage near the lava hot springs in Idaho. It would have been very romantic had I not started feeling dreadfully miserable near the end of last week. He decided to ditch the Idaho idea and just do a little camping trip here. He researched places to go and decided we would camp out somewhere in Payson canyon. He packed the car full of our camping supplies, food and lots of blankets and we were set to go. After we discovered the Payson canyon roads were still covered in ice and completely unmanageable and dangerous, we opted to spend the night at our go-to campground, Burraston Ponds. We were a little disappointed, but decided we could still have a really good experience together. Not to our surprise, we were lone souls on the property. Who wants to wake up in a tent in the snow on Valentine's Day, right?
We do! It was peaceful, wonderful, and beautiful.
We actually prefer to camp with snow on the ground because everything stays cleaner.
JD cooked some yummy food while we were there. . .
and kept me happy with a warm fire.
We loved being completely alone in the outdoors, whispering sweet nothings, cuddling up in the blankets, and holding hands by the fire.
Even though it wasn't exactly what we planned, it really was lovely.
Happy Valentine's!

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Sara said...

What a great way to spend Valentine's day! I'm pretty sure you guys are the funnest couple ever. It makes me jealous!