Saturday, September 10, 2011

Moonlit Surf.

So, when we first moved into our little basement apartment, the living area was painted a deep, dark red. It was pretty, but definitely made the room feel a bit claustrophobic because of the small size. In order to brighten up the room, we (and my momma) painted over the red walls with a creamy white. While we were painting, my mom mentioned something like, "Maybe eventually you could do an accent wall in here."

Because the red walls were so dark, we had to use primer and two coats of paint in there. Not to mention, we later repainted our bedroom, bathroom, and my craft room. I figured I shouldn't push my luck with JD and waited a few months before mentioning in casual conversation, "Hey, we should paint another one of our walls." He agreed we could paint one wall.

I mostly wanted to paint because I had my heart set on a picture wall with white frames. I wanted the frames to really pop against a bright color, rather than sit boringly on the creamy walls.
So! We painted! We chose Moonlit Surf by Valspar for the wall and I'm happy, happy, happy with the results. Look at that contrast between the wall and the frames!
Note: I think JD has mostly accepted the fact that once I get an idea in my head. . . I pretty much can't get it out. Usually, this results in some type of manual labor for him (whether it be sanding, painting, moving furniture, making more nail holes, etc, etc). He joked this week about how he must've missed the memo when we were dating that he was going to essentially become my personal workman once we were married. Sorry, lovie! Thanks for all your hard work!
Our living room is so much brighter and happier and lovelier now. :)


Kylie said...

I love this! It looks SO good!

Amanda Leigh said...

Summer I love this!! It's beautiful!