Saturday, September 10, 2011

Picture wall: What we did.

Step by step, here's how we did it:

Tip 1: When you are picking picture frames, look for ones with detail or depth. Some of these stand out more from the wall than others and the variety gives the collection some character. Also, don't be distracted by the ugly pictures in the frames at the store or the unflattering color of the original frames. You can change all that stuff!

Tip 2: When you are deciding what pictures to hang, try to stick with a unified color group. I picked pictures that had some teal and or green to tie in the color of the wall (JD's stripe on his shirt in the upper middle picture, my jacket in the center picture, or the trees in the berry and snowboarding pictures). Picking pictures with colors similar to your home decor will really help the space feel cohesive.

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Radiant Red said...

Love! I want to be more crafty like you!