Monday, September 12, 2011

Weekday date.

I don't go to school anymore. I sit around at home (working at the storage unit) and go to work (working at a residential treatment center). I don't get out all that much. . . so honestly, I don't get dressed up all that much. Lately, I've been all about jean shorts and t-shirts. Because JD's schedule is really busy right now (school + internship + work), we don't see each other a lot during the week. So two Wednesdays ago, on a rare night JD didn't work, I put some real clothes on and we went out to dinner.

Sometimes it feels good to break up the ho-hum of everyday, even if that just means splitting an avocado, bacon burger on a weekday :)


Sara said...

I feel ya, Summer! Glad you were able to get dressed up and go out.

Cory Sue said...

so glad you went to JCW' delicious!
Ps-you guys are the cutest things in the world!