Saturday, December 17, 2011

All six.

I've talked about them lots of times. We've lived together, celebrated birthdays and holidays, gone to basketball and football gamestalked a lot, traveled together, celebrated love, spent time in the sun and snow, and made oodles of memories. 

It was weird when Stefanie bought a house, but it was okay because it was still in Utah. It was weird when Kasidy left for Argentina, but it was okay because we knew she'd be back. Now Kylie is moving to Las Vegas, which is weird to think about, but also exciting. Way to go on being a grown-up and stretching your wings! 

Cory put together a little surprise party for Kylie on Sunday and invited all of her friends. So glad all six of us could be there!! Love when that happens :)

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Kylie said...

Thanks for putting up this picture! I was SO happy to see all of you on Sunday! Thanks for being such a good friend, Summer! I love you and will miss you and JD! But don't worry, we will stay in touch the rest of our lives!