Monday, December 19, 2011

Little boy birthday.

When our old neighbor sent us an invite to her son's 2nd birthday party, I knew I wanted to make something special for him. I searched all over the internet for the "perfect" little boy quote, but couldn't find anything I loved. So, I just put together ideas and thoughts I hope my own children will live by someday. "Be grateful. Obey your  parents. Forgive quickly. Laugh a lot. Share with others. Tell the truth. Say your prayers. Speak  kindly. Love the Lord." It turned out really cute and birthday momma loved it. To me, giving  handmade gifts  is one of the life's very greatest pleasures :)
Ps. Don't worry- we also gave this active toddler a big bouncy ball and toy car. I know he doesn't really care about painted canvases!
Pps. If you do care about painted canvases and/or want one for yourself,  I take custom orders.   

We sure do love you and your family, little guy! Happy, happy birthday.


Jennifer said...

i want one too. i'll email you

Holly said...

I love the variation of color you use as the background. Really brings life to the whole image.

Derek & Penny said...

Oh...we sure miss you guys! And I didn't notice your message on the back until we got to Idaho. Makes me want to cry everytime I see it. Can you just move to Boise please?