Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Gray and yellow.

I've been all about gray and yellow lately. I even convinced my mom it was an acceptable color scheme for the family pictures we took before Jake left on his mission. 
They turned out pretty dang cute.

(I wish JD and I were standing a little closer in this one.)

So grateful for these guys! I love them dearly.
And I do have to say, we have a pretty good-looking family :)


Sara said...

Nice pictures! Love the gray and yellow.

Cory Sue said...

so precious. When did you get the pictures taken that are at the top of your blog. those are really cute. love your jeans in them!

Janice Pack said...

Loved looking at your blog, you are so cute and beautiful Summer! Wow what a good looking family, I have to agree. We LOVE the Robinsons!