Saturday, May 23, 2009

Happy, but selfish, tears.

So.. yesterday was Kylie's wedding. Her dress was beautiful and she was beautiful.
Her and Daniel are both really attractive people.

Her sister, Halie, got home from Thailand last week. It was fun to see all the Packs together :)

Happy bride :)

I didn't cry all day until she danced with her dad.
Cutest thing ever!
Best friend.
The party.
Bridesmaids and groomsmen decorating the car.
Sparkler exit! I want this :)
Our girl is gone!

All around it was a pretty happy day. It's been really interesting to see my friends getting married and going to various receptions and seeing how they do things. The whole backyard was beautiful and things came together really nicely. There were so many wonderful people there helping her mom out. It was also really nice to have Kelly's parents there. I thought a lot about her when Kylie was dancing with her dad. Katie and I just held hands and cried as we watched our best friend. I don't know if she was thinking the same things I was, but right then I really wished Kelly could be there with us. It was a bittersweet cry. So much happiness, but a little bit of sadness too. I'm sure that Kylie probably thought of Kel yesterday too. I don't know if I'm ever going to get used to my friends getting married... even when I'm married. It's just a huge flashing sign to remind me that I'm growing up faster than I want to be. I asked Sean if he felt old that his littlest sister was getting married... he told me that he didn't feel old, he just felt that Kylie was way too young to be getting married anyway. At the temple, he started speaking really loudly to Kylie and was like, "Kylie, I know you like to play dress up. But really, Kylie? Taking it to the temple and pretending like you are getting married? That's pushing it a little bit. There are girls here who are actually brides today and you are taking up their space with your silly games. Let's go home." Some people looked at our party a little funny, but that's just Sean. But it was a good day. I think that I'll probably cry at every one of my friend's weddings. Happy, but selfish, tears. I want my friends back.

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