Friday, May 8, 2009

Oh, sisters...

I have gorgeous sisters. I miss being around them. I hope that I have been a good example to them.

They are great girls, with big smiles, and bigger hearts. I know they will do so much good in the world.

Lindsey is flawless. She is good at everything she tries. She's smart and funny and absolutely breathtaking. She's good with words and she's a loyal friend. She's classy and sophisticated. She's also very stubborn and she wants to learn her own life lessons. Sometimes I wish that she would give me the time of day when I try to give her advice because the only reason I do it is because I love her.

Morgan is sweet and growing up too fast. She is brilliant beyond her years. She is sporty, but girly. She wants so badly to be accepted by her big sisters. Sometimes she loses her temper, but I've noticed that she's pretty quick to apologize. Like any pre-teen, she wants life to come faster. I wish I knew how to tell her to enjoy her youth. . . because it passes so quickly and growing up comes soon enough. Her laughter brings happiness to my soul. I wish I could be at home to see her grow and change and become a lady. She's going to be a total knock-out. She already is.

These girls mean more to me than they really know. I wish I could go back to where they are knowing what I know now... But that's not how life works. Everything happens for a reason and every stage of life is worth celebrating.

I'm having such a hard time lately accepting change, accepting that my teenage years are nearly gone, accepting that I'm halfway done with college, accepting that I'm ready to be married, accepting that I won't ever live at home again, accepting that I am responsible for my life and what I do with it, accepting that no matter how hard I try to hold on, time will continue to slip through my fingers. Oh, sisters, if I could only tell you everything I've learned... from heartbreak, from change, from sin, from lost friendships, from new friendships, from tears and pain, from time, from death, from life, from mom, from school, from endings and beginnings, from everything I've experienced thus far. I know that God has so much in store for your lives
and I hope that you'll continue to let me be a part of them. I miss and love you both.

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Unknown said...

i love you so much summer marie.