Monday, May 11, 2009


So I've survived a week and a day without J.D. and it definitely hasn't been easy... but it's okay. For the first little bit, all I did was sleep. But lately, the Knowldens have realized that I can be pretty helpful. I've been taking the kids places and picking them up when they need to be picked up. I run errands sometimes and I help with stuff at home. I think Tiffanie likes having me here the most because she borrows my clothes/shoes/jewelry everyday. It doesn't bother me because she is pretty good at putting it back... but usually when I can't find something... she has it. Brayden and Tiff are starting to treat me less as a guest and more as a sister, which is good because now I don't feel quite as invasive. Larry also really likes having me here because I'm really obedient and I'm good at being nice to Tiffanie and to Brayden, which he likes. On Saturday, it was work day. We did a lot of stuff around here. I stained this really cute outside rocking chair and worked on stacking up a bunch of wood in the backyard. It was hard work because it was basically just wood from the house that was knocked out in the re-model and it still had a bunch of nails in it. I had to pull out all the nails and then stack it. My back started hurting a lot and I didn't finish all of it... but it was a good start. I also helped Stephanie organize some craft stuff, which she has a lot of and it was a little overwhelming. Most of it is junk, but she has a good eye for potential and she wants to keep it all. Larry got some couches for J.D. and I from a friend of a friend or something and has been storing them in the garage. The Knowldens wanted to be able to put their cars in the garage so they decided we would clean it out. So I helped with that too. We cleared everything out and were able to move the cars in. J.D. has like eight bins of junk in the garage. It was pretty ridiculous. :) Larry also tilled his gardens and planted some seeds. Tiff mowed the lawn and the cranky next door neighbor's lawn too. She called the cops the other night because we were making too much noise and it was after nine. So stupid! But the Knowldens just decided that they are going to win her over with love and are trying to be very charitable even though they all can't stand her! Haha. Larry was complaining about the heat all day, and I was soaking up the good weather. It wasn't bad at all! I loved it! I told him that he is going to die in Texas in August. I have loved the weather. We walked to a neighbor's for a barbeque yesterday. It was pretty fun and really yummy. Then we went to Steph's sister's for dessert. J.D.'s cousin Tara is pregnant and she told the family yesterday. She was glowing :) His Grandma Gay pretty much loves me too and she got my number yesterday because she wants to go to lunch or something sometime. I'm starting to feel less and less weird being around J.D.'s family, but nothing changes the fact that I miss my family. And that in the end, when all is said and done, I still want to move back to TEXAS when I graduate!

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