Friday, August 13, 2010

All Grown Up.

Did I mention when I went home this weekend I found some strangers living in my house? Like this 6'2 creature: Papa John's employee, future Idaho resident, and center of a thriving social network.

Or this pretty blue-eyed pre-teen: well-developed girl, brilliant mathmetician, and already prepping for college.

Or the new leader: an almost licensed, ready to date, volleyball star.

Really? Who are these people and what happened to my little baby siblings?
Honestly, when did Jake shoot up taller than my dad? How did Morgan already skip ahead to 9th grade math? And since when is Lindsey old enough to drive?

1 comment:

Daniel and Kylie said...

oh gosh. that is too weird!! jakes so good looking and alllll the robinson girls are so gorgeous. ahh time goes by!!