Sunday, October 18, 2009


JD and I went to IKEA yesterday. Yikes! It's hard not to buy everything you see in that store. We went with the purpose of buying a bookshelf. On a whim, we decided to buy some orange accents for our living room. Mostly, we like color and wanted more of it. Also, we agreed that right now is about the only time in our lives when we'll be able to pull off a turqoise and orange living room. We are trying to get used to it... but I think I like it. And I am not going to post pictures... in hopes that you'll come visit us and see it in person.

We want friends. We are pretty lonely lately. We would love to play games or go bowling or miniature golfing or make you dinner or have you make us dinner. Or anything.

I am still adjusting to married life. I would really like to meet some of the neighbor girls and do girly things with them. I'd like to have someone to go to if I run out of an ingredient or if I need a quick ride somewhere. I'd like to order pizza on a Saturday afternoon and have another couple come over and watch football on the floor with us. But I'm dreaming. Hopefully soon we'll make some good friends here.

As of now, JD and I are playing board games alone in our orange-accent living room.
(And I'm smoking him 9 times out of 10).


Kylie said...

Do you have visiting teachers...those are the best kind of friends because they HAVE to be. :) he he. But really, I hope you get to make some fun friends. I'm still your friend and would love to come see your adorable apartment. Also, it's good to hear you are still beating JD at all the games you play.

ashley said...

let's double :)

Allison said...

i feel the same way. my single friends don't call me anymore! let's hang out for sure. where are you living? we are over on 900 E

Cory Sue said...

come to the football game with us this weekend. I'll call you! Also. of you weren't beating J.D. I would come over there and beat you! Oh gosh, that was a little harsh...sorry!?!