Thursday, April 22, 2010

Waiting Patiently

I am on campus right now. I am not enrolled in any classes and it's the break between winter and summer classes. . .the whole place is dead. After work this morning, I decided I would try to print off all the pictures of our married life. We haven't had any developed since we tied the knot. Sad day! After about half an hour of trying to upload the honeymoon pictures, the computer underwent some sort of error and deleted my progress. I was really annoyed. Instead of trying to upload them all to the BYU website, I decided I would just send them to Wal-mart because that's what I always do. And it's going much faster now! I did get off work 2 hours ago. . .and I'm still finishing up the uploading. Just thought I would share a few treasures I found while I'm waiting. . .waiting, waiting patiently!

Me getting up on a wakeboard for the first time ever!
Oh, just a little package peanut fight we had after receiving a few wedding gifts in the mail.
The scoreboard after we beat Utah in overtime! Woo woo.
HAHAHA. I had never seen this picture before!
Sweet sisters over Christmas break.

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