Sunday, April 18, 2010

I cried.

Last Tuesday, I went to play flag football with some people in my major. We had a ton of fun. Yesterday, they all got together for a barbecue to meet each other's significant others and to have a last final hurrah before graduating. JD and I had a stupid work training all day, and I wasn't able to go. As we were getting ready to leave from flag football, everyone was saying "See you Saturday!" It suddenly hit me I wouldn't be there on Saturday and that it would probably be the last time I saw these girls. . .ever. I cried. I couldn't keep back the tears.

We hugged and shared our love for each other and for the friendships we've formed over the past few years. I am so grateful for the chance I've had to meet them and to work with them and to play with them. It is overwhelming to me that they are all leaving, but I am so excited for their internships and for the places they are going. Life is supposed to move forward and change, but sometimes it's a little hard for me to handle. I cried, definitely.

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