Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Get it, girl!

So, JD's little sister, Tiffanie, tried out for cheer last year and she wasn't supposed to make it. They accidentally put her name on the list. After she found out "she made it," the school district contacted the Knowldens to tell them the situation. The coach and the school decided to let her be on the team on kinda like a test trial because of their mistake. It was all a big fiasco, but Tiffanie took it for what it was worth and looked at it as an opportunity. She's been taking tumbling classes for the past year and working her butt off to improve. The budget is kindof tight for the Knowldens, and her parents told her they didn't think she would be able to do it again this year because of how expensive it's been for them. A few weeks ago Tiffanie got a job and is going to work all summer to pay her own way for a chance to do it again. Today, she tried out. And today she made the varsity cheerleading squad. She landed her roundfoff four to a tuck (four backhandsprings and a back flip), her standing tuck, and a 4 jump tuck sequence (right hurkey, toe touch, left hurkey, toe touch, tuck). I would have killed to be able to tumble fearlessly the way she does. I haven't seen her cheer or her dance yet, but she seemed pleased with how she performed. The whole story is really inspiring to me because she hasn't given up. She has improved so much in the last year and I am really proud of her hard work. Get it, girl!


Cory Sue said...

ok, cutest cheerleader ever!

Unknown said...

AHHHH this is so exciting! Tell Tiff I'm so proud of her :)