Tuesday, April 6, 2010


It should never snow on April 5(what the?!) or any springtime day after that. I never want to be done with school. It's a really happening time on BYU campus right now because there's only a week of school left and then a good chunk of the student body will be graduating (at least a good chunk of the student body I know!). . . It makes me a little sad because a lot of my classmates that I've come to know and love through my TR classes are going on to bigger and better things and I still have to tackle the research and evaluation class by myself in the fall. So weird. There are so many classes I still want to take, things I want to learn, experiences I want to have here. I feel like there are so many people around me who just can't wait to be done; I can never relate. My husband never waits long enough for the dough to rise when he makes homemade bread. He's a little too impatient. It always turns out thicker than he wants. I'm not complaining! It's awesome he wants to bake things. It would be better if he could wait a little longer (or I guess if I ever started it before he got home.. eeks.) My bangs never work the way I want them to. They always do the stupid twisty-turny-callicky-split-down-the-middle thing. It drives me nuts. The only day I can really remembering loving my bangs was on my wedding day. . .which is lucky, right! I never want to wash the big dishes. I like doing the little stuff and leaving the pots and pans for JD. He's okay with that, so it works for us. I never fall asleep at night without turning the fan on. There has never been been a day of marriage that JD hasn't told me he loved me. I've never liked seafood. I don't think I ever will. Speaking of seafood, I don't like fish and I keep reading or hearing about how eating fish one night a week is supposed to be healthy for you. You aren't supposed to eat meat every day. PROBLEM. We eat meat alot. I don't know how I could live without it. I never want to be a vegetarian. Although, I have thought about trying it for a month or something just to see what it's like and because JD's brother and his girlfriend don't eat meat and seem to be really skinny. I can never find the motivation to give up icecream, potatoes, or white pasta sauce. I'm never pleased when I weigh myself. I never buy the cute things in the BYU bookstore that I would buy if I had a bigger spending fund. I never think returned missionaries who still live at home are attractive (I know that's so judgmental. Sorry.) I never get sick of looking at engagement or wedding pictures. I love seeing people around me in love.

(I tend to say, "Don't ever say always or never," because it's hardly ever true. Things don't always happen or never happen. I still hold to that statement. I've used never in this blogpost for emphasis, mostly.)

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