Monday, June 14, 2010

Good Morning Baltimore!

We took a trip to Baltimore last weekend. All I wanted to do was break out in the Hairspray song. JD had no idea what I was singing... sad! After driving around the city for nearly half an hour looking for parking under $20, we finally found a place and set out on our adventure.

There are tons of things to do in downtown Baltimore! We finally decided we would spend the day at the National Aquarium. Good choice :) We saw a 4-D movie about aquatic life. . .

We saw an alligator!

And lots of really pretty fishies :)

We went to a dolphin show. . .

and learned about how living green will help save the animals.

We saw some tropical birds and other forest life, too.

There are so many cool things that live in the water! What an amazing world we live in :)

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Stefanie said...

you guys are so cute! That trip looks like a lot of fun. way to find lots of fun things to do and take advantage of living in DC. So fun! :)